Finally spring has arrived and together with it also the new QL Magic tournament season! The First Tournament of the year showed a group of enthusiastic players who love this format. The absolute winner was Alessandro Tassini with his incomparable ScarTasso Discard deck after an intense final against Stefano C. and his excellent Phyrexian  [ Read More ]

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Illusionary Mask

New Unrestricted Cards:   Illusionary Mask             Maze of Ith             Mox Diamond           Serra Sanctum             Falling Star             Dream Halls             are Unrestricted.    [ Read More ]

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                            Recently, the introduction of M14 has modified some of the MTG Rules. Don’t worry! These changes have no impact upon QL Magic, so the use of Legendary cards and the “Legend Rule” remain the same: 420.5e: If two or more Legends  [ Read More ]

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                This re-edition has been printed among the cards of the Judge Gift Program enriched by the beloved and charming “old frame”. Crucible of Words was designed by the MTG community in 2003 through the “You Make the Card” voting and included in the Fifth Dawn expansion, but  [ Read More ]

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Here is one exciting video from the 3rd QL Magic Tournament. This is the second game of the final match between G. Trapani and M. Palù. A challenge at lightning speed with stunning twists… all to be watched! Enjoy it!

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Attention please! A few changes have been made to the QLMagic banned-restricted list. Survival of the Fittest (Exodus)  is restricted Squee, Goblin Nabob (Mercadian Masques) is restricted Flash (Mirage)  is unbanned Following DCI’s 2003 official banlist, Survival of the Fittest has been restricted. As a consequence Squee, Goblin Nabob becomes playable 1x. Flash is freed from any  [ Read More ]

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                        Any suspect of an infiltrated QL Magic agent inside WOTC organization? 😉 It seems that occasionally someone tries to come back to the old style in graphics and now, after reprinting Dark Confidant and Sword of Fire and Ice with the old frame,  [ Read More ]

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  It is a great pleasure for us to announce the creation of the first QL Cube to let you enjoy a draft of classical taste. Obviously served with a “QL Theme and Rules” sauce! A selection of 450 cards, divided in 66 for each color, 30 multicolor, 50 artifacts and 40 non basic lands,  [ Read More ]

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  The “Turn Structure Summary Table” is now available! It is a quick reference for the structure of a single turn in a QL Magic match and a invaluable support for your game strategy. Enjoy QL Magic.  

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  The Oracle is a database of  the Official Card Ruling. These wordings are considered the official wordings of the cards by QL Magic, and accurately reflect their functions. This is the last release is under the rules used by SIXTH EDITION and SEVENTH EDITION. Both of these editions use the same rules. Complete text  [ Read More ]

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