QL Rules

QL goes back to the game, the cards, the styles and, of course, the rules that have made our game a stunning game!

When you start playing QL Magic is of paramount importance that you understand one of the main features of this format which transforms it more likely in a style of play rather than a simple sum of rules and limitations: only the cards with the old skin are allowed!



In principle QL Magic adopts the 6th Edition Rules, dated 1st June 2003, except for some modifications.
The main features of our way of playing are:

  • Combat damage goes on the stack. (310.2)
  • Feedback damages: also known as mana burn, for what concerns mana still in the mana pool and that has not been used within the end of a phase. (300.4)
  • Artifacts are turned off while tapped. (214.6c) This is a rule taken from the 5th Edition.
  • The “Exile zone” is called the Removed-from-the-game zone, and is explicitly considered “outside the game”.
  • You can’t have two legendary permanents with the same name in play at the same time. If this happens, the last legend card played goes directly to the graveyard (420.5e).
  • The text of a card takes precedence over the rules (103.1). However if a text of a card has been amended before September 2003 and published on Oracle.
    The Oracle is a database of  the Official Card Ruling. These wordings are considered the official wordings of the cards by QL Magic, and accurately reflect their functions.

You can download the rules in pdf format from here: QLMagic Rules!


Chaos Orb Rules in QL Magic

  • Chaos Orb must flip onto the battlefield from a height of at least one foot (i.e. 30 cm)
  • It must flip 360 degrees (that’s what “flip entirely” means). [FAQ 1994/04/01] and this flip must be in the air and not in your hand.
  • The resolution of the effect of the Chaos Orb starts when it is activated and lasts until the destruction, if any, of the permanents.
    It is possible to put fast effects on the stack before its activation or after its resolution, but not during it.
  • When Chaos Orb is in play cards cannot be rearranged or moved and must be tapped with a simple rotation. You can arrange your cards any time before the Orb is put into play, but not after. [Snark 1993/11/01]
  • Starting from the activation of the Chaos Orb, until its effect resolves, cards on the battlefield are to be considered “freezed” in their position.
  • The table marks the playing field and you cannot rearrange the card out of it, not even partially.
  • In general, you should not stack cards or put them in places where your opponent cannot read the names of all of them or count them. This is recommended good gaming practice. [Aahz 1994/12/03] Therefore you cannot hide cards or put them where Chaos Orb could not be able to target them.
  • You cannot interfere in any physical way with the playing of this card. [PPG Page 221]
  • Chaos Orb must clearly hit the target cards.
  • The protector sleeve has to be removed before flipping the Chaos orb. Only “perfect size” sleeves are allowed.
  • If you have sleeves on cards, they do not count as the cards. [QLmagic 2011/08/21]
  •  “Cards it lands on” refers to cards it touches once it stops moving. [Snark 1993/11/01]
  • If the Orb does not touch a card because a token is between them, the Orb counts as not touching the card. [bethmo 1994/06/01] Same goes if there are cards stacked up. If the card is not touched, it is not destroyed. Note that only counters and tokens placed in play because of the game count for this. “Tapping” stones and any other markers you have in play should be taken out of the way before using the Orb. [Aahz 1995/02/09]
  • It can only affect cards that are in play. Cards that are in the game but not in play (such as the Library and Graveyard) or cards that are held out of play by such effects cannot be affected. [D’Angelo 1994/06/01]
  • Even if your hand is face up on the table due to an effect like Revelation, cards in the hand are not considered “in play” and will not be affected by the Orb. [Aahz 1995/04/17]
  • This is a not a targeted ability. [bethmo 1994/06/01]
  • Fairplay is a must, especially in QL Magic. However, if it is deemed necessary, a judge will be involved to guarantee the proper conduct of the game.


Chaos Orb is just landed. It overlaps the card below for at least the width of its frame. The target is valid.

Chaos Orb destroys a single card (1); all the targets are destroyed (2)