Power Nine or P9 are cards very hard to reach. Black Lotus, the 5 Moxen – Mox Emerald Mox Jet Mox Pearl Mox Ruby Mox Sapphire –  Ancestral Recall, Time Walk and Timetwister, are an integral part of the myth that sorrounds Magic. However, this cards are able to completely change a match and, someway, can make the game an elitist one. Consider that, most of the times, a well built deck but less expensive in terms of money is not capable to perform in an effective way against someone who is playing the P9.
During the last years a lot of decisions were taken, within the official formats, about how to manage this set of cards. QL Magic founders consider these solutions not so interesting, even wrong in some cases. We have decided not to use any proxy in order to maintain the role that the P9 have always had in Magic, but not to ban them neither.

In conclusion, to promote a game based on strategy and tactics, we have defined to limit the number of P9 cards present in a QL Magic deck to 3.

The following cards are Restricted in Ql Magic tournaments:

The following cards are Banned in QL Magic tournaments:

Core Sets and Expansion Set playable

Set Base

Early Sets

Ice Age Cycle

Mirage Cycle

Rath Cycle

Artifacts Cycle

  • Urza‘s Destiny  June 1999
  • Urza’s Legacy  February 1999
  • Urza‘s Saga  October 1998

Masquerade Cycle

Invasion Cycle

Odyssey Cycle

Onslaught Cycle

Time Spiral Cycle

Media Insert Set

Special cards (Judge Gift Program, pre-release, etc) are playable only if they are reprint of cards present in the editions listed above.