Attention please! A few changes have been made to the QLMagic banned-restricted list.

Survival of the Fittest (Exodus)  is restricted
Squee, Goblin Nabob (Mercadian Masques) is restricted
Flash (Mirage)  is unbanned
Following DCI’s 2003 official banlist, Survival of the Fittest has been restricted. As a consequence Squee, Goblin Nabob becomes playable 1x.
Flash is freed from any restrictions thanks to the proper interpretation of its wording based on  QL Oracle. The errata is different relative to DCI’s 2007 rewording. Here below how to correctly interpret this card:
Text(6th+errata): Choose a creature card in your hand. You may pay its mana cost reduced by up to {2}. If you do, put that card into play. If you don’t, put that card into your graveyard.[Oracle 2003/02/01]

  • – The mana cost you pay includes colored mana. It effectively means that you cast the other spell as normal but pay 2 less generic mana in doing so. [D’Angelo 1999/05/01]
  • – You choose the creature card, optionally pay its mana cost, then put it into play if you paid the cost or into the graveyard if you didn’t. All this happens during the resolution. [DeLaney 2000/03/31]
  • – The “If you don’t” text applies to the choice to pay (second sentence) and not to the putting of the card into play (third sentence). [DeLaney 2003/03/19]
  • – Any X in the creature’s mana cost is zero. [Aahz 1996/11/15]
  • – If a Clone is played, you pay the Clone’s mana cost (reduced by up to {2}), and not the new form’s cost. [DeLaney 2000/03/031]

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