//Creatures (5)
 Crater Hellion

//Speels (37)
 Erratic Explosion
 Mystical Tutor
 Enlightened Tutor
 Worldly Tutor
 Vampiric Tutor
 Demonic Tutor
 Yawgmoth’s Will
 Wheel Of Fortune
 Scroll Rack
 Sylvan Library
 Chaos Orb
 Lightning Bolt
 Mox Ruby
 Mox Emerald
 Mox Jet
 Lotus Petal
 Sol Ring
 Mana Vault
//Lands (19)
x Wooded Foothills
x Bloodstained Mire
x Savannah
x Bayou
x Badlands
x Plateau
x Taiga
x Tropic Island
x Vulcanic Island
x Volrath’s

//Stronghold Sideboard: (15)
 Pernicious Deed
 Tormod’s Crypt
 City Of Solitude
x Hull Breach
x Naturalize
 Red Elemental Blast












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